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Fatal attack on Reunion Island

ISLE OF REUNION (FRANCE)- The tropical island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean can be considered as a hotspot for shark attacks. Last Saturday another person died after being attacked by a shark. A woman was struck by a shark while swimming in the sea at a beach in southwestern l’Etang-Sale. The victim, who was around 20-years-old, suffered severe wounds […]

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Shark alertness in New South Wales

BALLINA (AUSTRALIA)- Lifeguards have renewed their plea not to swim at Ballina beaches following Monday’s fatal shark attack. A 41-year old surfer from Japan got killed last monday in a shark attack near Ballina on the New South Wales north coast. The state is living its ‘summer of sharks’ with earlier incidents at Newcastle and an earlier attack last sunday 20 […]

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Research reveals truth on cull

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The much debated ‘shark cull’ of Western Australia seems to imposed on the citizens by the local government. It turns out that less than 20 procent of the Western Australians agree with “culling sharks”. More than 50 per cent of them said although more needed to be done about sharks, culling was not the answer. Most respondent did […]

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Homeless feed on shark

SAN ANTONIO (USA)- What do you do with a shark caught? Release it into the wild of course. But not everyone cares so much for living creatures. A San Antonio angler got stuck with a 800 pounds tiger shark. And decided to give its meat to the homeless. It’s better than leaving it dead in the ocean, but still it […]

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Brasil warns football fans for sharks

RECIFE (BRASIL)- Football fans visiting the Brasilian city of Recife for the World Cup may not know that the city is famous not only for football or colonial history, but als has a rep for being one of the most dangerous places in the world to swim. The risk of shark attacks is high if you look at the past […]

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