Shark Alliance  
The Shark Alliance is a global, not-for-profit coalition of non-governmental organizations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving shark conservation policies.

Website of one of the most important documentaries on shark endangerment, Sharkwater by Rob Stewart.

Friends for Sharks
Marine conservation cause that wants to educate and encourage people to become Friends for Sharks themselves and protect the oceans around them.

Friends of Hector
Friends of Hector is an international campaign dedicated to the protection of sharks and sea turtles from being caught as ‘bycatch’.

Website of this research institute specialized in catching, tagging and releasing sharks in the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean. They show realtime where the tagged sharks are going on the Global Shark Tracker.

Shark Facts
Website with great shark facts and other interesting information on sharks. Shark Facts is a site aimed to educate and inform.

Dutch Shark Society
The Dutch Shark Society wants to a play an active communication role between science and public by supporting, documenting and visualizing scientific research and citizen science. 

Shark Research Institute
Shark Research Institute (SRI), a multi-disciplinary nonprofit scientific research organization, was created to sponsor and conduct research on sharks and promote their conservation.