Speartooth shark in Melbourne aquarium.

PORT ROPER (Australia)- Charles Darwin University (CDU) researchers and First Nations Yugul Mangi Rangers have discovered a new population of a rare and threatened Speartooth Sharks in the Northern Territory’s Roper River.  The Speartooth Shark or Glyphis glyphis is currently listed as Critically Endangered under Australia’s national environmental legislation, with a veryContinue Reading

Gulper sharks captured for their liver oil and meat in deepwater shark fisheries off the Andaman Islands. Photo: Zoya Tyabli.

BURNABY (Canada)- One in seven species of deepwater sharks and rays are threatened with extinction due to overfishing, according to a new eight-year study released today in the journal Science. Specifically, the analysis found that sharks and rays are caught as incidental bycatch in fisheries targeting more commercially valuable species.Continue Reading