GENEVA (Switzerland)- Scientists have sequenced the genomes of two endangered sharks. Low genetic diversity and signs of inbreeding ring alarm bells for great hammerheads, but there may be hope for shortfin makos that showed higher genetic diversity and limited inbreeding. The first chromosome level genome sequences for great hammerhead andContinue Reading

How do sharks and tuna react to being caught by hook-and-line and then released? Well, they swim twice as fast as their normal cruising speed, according tot researchers at The Royal Society.  Sharks and tuna  normally swim at elevated speeds relative to cruising speeds only during strenuous activity, such asContinue Reading

The crystal clear waters of the Bahamas are well known for their healthy shark populations, which include tiger sharks. Photo © Christopher Vaughn-Jones

GENEVA (Switzerland)-  The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) has joined the Shark Conservation Fund (SCF) as one of its members. Dr James Lea, the SOSF’s chief executive officer, has joined the advisory board and says of the partnership, ‘I am delighted that we are joining the Shark Conservation Fund. Combined withContinue Reading