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VIDEO: Interview with survivor

HAWAII (USA)-  25-year old surfer Jeff Horton was surfing near Kilauea, Hawaii, when a tiger shark attacked. It grabbed his legs, jerking them. Horton pulled his left leg out of the water and got on the surfboard, but was knocked off when the shark began to chomp on the board. He rolled onto the shark, grabbed a fin and started punching. […]

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Diver frees tiger shark of hook

POMPANO BEACH (USA)- Divecaptain Matt Heath of Pompano Dive Center had the guts to swim up to a large tiger shark and take the  hook out of its mouth, that was left behind by a fisherman.  “Believe me, there is nothing relaxing about pulling a large hook out of a 14ft tiger shark,” said the 29-year-old American to Metro News. […]

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Attacks increase by shark migrations

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Traditionally they say in Hawaii that in the fall it is more dangerous to swim in the ocean. Chances are bigger of getting bitten by a shark. A recent study shows that there could be something behind this folk wisdom. In the fall, an increased number of tiger sharks make their way to the islands, likely to give […]

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Shark attacks in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HAWAII)- Yesterday a woman was bitten in her upper torso by a shark while enjoying a morning swim in the waters off the Hawaii island of Maui. Swimming She was swimming about 30 feet from the shore of the rocky point at Ulua Beach Park when the shark grabbed her. Officials would not reveal the extent of her injuries, […]

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Suit makes people ‘invisible’

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- A company called Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) and the University of Western Australia scientists together have been working to protect swimmers, surfers and divers from getting attacked on with a line of shark-deterring wet suits. Colorblind One version, “Elude,” camouflages the wearer in the water, based on the recent discovery that sharks seem to be color blind. The other, […]

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Heat wave causes shark attacks

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- A rare ocean heat wave may to be blame for the recent spike in shark attacks in western Australia. That’s what scientist of the West Australian Department of Fisheries claim. The scientists suggest that a 5-degree rise in water temperature last summer may have sparked the increase in shark activity off the coast. When ocean temperatures rise, pockets […]

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