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Feeding frenzy 20 metres from shore

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Beaches at Scarborough and Trigg, Perth, were closed immediately when more than a dozen tiger sharks were seen circling just feet from shore off Australian’s West Coast. Up to 16 tiger sharks fed off a dolphin carcass around just 20 meters from one of Perth’s most popular beaches. The sharks ranged in size from 1- to 3 meters. […]

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Tiger sharks in Gulf eat land birds

DAUPHIN ISLAND (USA)- Not just marine animals but also woodpeckers, swallows, tanagers, meadowlarks and other land birds are found in the stomachs of tiger sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Could Gulf of Mexico oil platforms be turning migratory birds into shark snacks? That’s what a nonprofit bird conservation group is suggesting. A new study into the diets of Gulf tiger sharks found […]

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Caught in a feeding frenzy

FANTOME ISLAND (AUSTRALIA)- A 48-year old man was found dead just off the coast off Fantome Island the 29th of august.  The Melbourne man, known to his friends as Rooster, was killed after he encountered trouble while trying to retrieve a vessel which broke anchor off the island about 7.30pm on Sunday night. The man’s body, which had been mauled by […]

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