Of all sharks, the bull shark has always been one of the most intriguing to me. It is found thousands of miles upstream in rivers and lakes and is one of the fiercest species around. But mainly because I’ve never seen one. I have been out on dive sites expectingContinue Reading

ESPERANCE (AUSTRALIA)- Swimming with a great white without a cage. It’s possible although quite nerve-wrecking. So Australian filmmaker Ash Gibb experienced. He felt a thump from behind and suddenly there was a great white in his picture. The shark is clearly curious and checks out the Kalgoorlie-based filmmaker who was armedContinue Reading

LA JOLLA (USA)- Amazing dive opportunities in California’s La Jolla Cove. Every spring and early summer the rare and mysterious seven gill shark appears from the deep in the shallow waters of the cove.  The near-threatened sevengill sharks, named for having seven gill slits on either side of their bodies, reachContinue Reading

Sea turtles are high on the menu of tiger sharks. Yet although slow and seemingly easy to catch, turtles have their own strategy to avoid the razor sharp teeth of the tiger shark. This video shows how. By swimming in circles on its side.   Tweet

  SANIBEL ISLAND (USA)- A group of divers ran into an unexpected meet with a great white shark while diving in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, about 80 miles of the coast of Sanibel Island, Florida.    It is known that great whites venture into the warm watersContinue Reading