ISLE OF LEWIS (SCOTLAND)- Some scientists are certain that great whites also visit the cold British waters. To prove that the sharks are lurking here as well they use the body of a dead whale as bait. Cameras attached to the giant corpse will, it is hoped, record the firstContinue Reading

MANACCAN (UK)-  A blue shark was found, far from his offshore habitat, in a secluded creek in British Cornwall. A group of boat hands rescued the shark who was found thrashing about with a hook embedded in its dorsal fin. The three boat hands from Sailaway St Anthony boat hireContinue Reading

We’re starting a new series of interviews in honor of people and organisations that help protect sharks. From research to raising awareness, from lobbying to actions and campaigns. Meet the Shark Heroes. In this first edition we talk with Alex Wright, founder and director of Shark Aid International. “We need to makeContinue Reading

CATTAWADE (UK)-Imagine strolling along the river and suddenly standing face to face with a shark, 10 miles inland?. Maybe normal in tropical countries but in the UK? It happened to a walker who filmed this shark in the River Stour in the region of Essex.  The shark, probably a smooth-hound shark,Continue Reading

FALMOUTH (UK)- Bite marks on smaller blue sharks and the attack on a caught shark by an even bigger shark. Fishermen believe great whites and mako sharks have arrived on the shores of Cornwall, attracted by the warm waters. The fisherman say bite marks found on much smaller blue sharksContinue Reading