Of all sharks, the bull shark has always been one of the most intriguing to me. It is found thousands of miles upstream in rivers and lakes and is one of the fiercest species around. But mainly because I’ve never seen one. I have been out on dive sites expectingContinue Reading

BRISBANE (Australia)- There were more shark attacks around Australia in the years of El Niño. Global warming will also see an increase in shark attacks, so says marine biologist Dr Blake Chapman in Australian news. “We know this affects shark interaction as shark attacks increased in 2009 and 2015 andContinue Reading

BUXTON (USA)- The waters of the Pamlico Sound are home to more large and potentially dangerous sharks than before, according to research. The waters are possible a new nursing area for bull sharks. A rise in water temperatures and a thriving habitat with plenty to eat may be persuading bullContinue Reading

STANFORD (USA)- Not many animals can change their habitat from saltwater to freshwater. There are many reasons for that. As for sharks this reason is quite obvious: they sink. But how about the bull shark? A new study was published last week in the Journal of Experimental Biology and confirms Continue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The much debated ‘shark cull’ of Western Australia seems to imposed on the citizens by the local government. It turns out that less than 20 procent of the Western Australians agree with “culling sharks”. More than 50 per cent of them said although more needed to be doneContinue Reading