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Mexico creates official Caribbean refuge for whale sharks

Whale shark Flickr CC:WPLynn

CANCUN (MEXICO)- Every year between may and September whale sharks gather off the Caribbean coast of the peninsula of Yucatan. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has decided to protect these gentle giants by creating an official refuge area of 633,000 hectares. The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, through the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, will enforce the protection program […]

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Sharks on top of the menu for alligators


MANHATTAN (USA)- Who’s got the biggest teeth? Sharks or alligators? Who’s the baddest? Kansas State University researchers found out that four species of sharks and stingrays are prominent on the menu of the big reptiles. While the sharks may not actually be as big as the great white or tiger shark, James Nifong, postdoctoral researcher with the Kansas Cooperative Fish […]

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Why do tiger sharks eat songbirds?

Tiger shark at Tiger Beach, Bahamas. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Willy Volk.

MOBILE (USA)- Woodpeckers, tanagers, wrens and doves. Tiger sharks in the Gulf of Mexico are known to find and eat backyard songbirds that have no business being in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. How is that possible? Researcher Marcus Drymon a senior marine scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and associate professor at the University of South […]

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Nosy shark bites fishing boat

Great white. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

PANAMA CITY BEACH (USA)- Sportsfishermen had the surprise of their lives when a great white shark bit their boat. The skipper was out fishing for amberjacks on the Gulf of Mexico when he and two passengers in his 22-foot boat suddenly felt a thump. At first they thought they had hit something, but being on 96 feet of water that […]

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Sharing the water with a shark

DESTIN (USA) – Two bathers at the Floridan beach of Destin didn’t realize they were really close to a big hammerhead shark until some guys from the balcony shouted at them. The shark had no interest at all in the humans and was chasing after a fish. Sharing the waters with sharks doesn’t automatically mean we’re in danger….. Tweet

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Homeless feed on shark

SAN ANTONIO (USA)- What do you do with a shark caught? Release it into the wild of course. But not everyone cares so much for living creatures. A San Antonio angler got stuck with a 800 pounds tiger shark. And decided to give its meat to the homeless. It’s better than leaving it dead in the ocean, but still it […]

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Goblin shark becomes internet hit

KEY WEST (USA)- One of the most remarkable sharks is making the rounds on internet: the goblin shark. Caught in the nets of commercial fisherman Carl Moore, just south of Key West (Florida), who had no idea what that thing was in his nets. It is named by many as a real ugly beast, but most scientists are thrilled by […]

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