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New Zealand bans shark finning

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- Good news for sharks in New Zealand waters. The government has fast-tracked a ban on shark finning. The new law will be effective from 1 October.  Eventually the ban was to be phased in from 1 October, with full implementation by October 2016. After consultation with fishing interests and the public, which wanted a ban in place […]

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Reefs suffer when sharks are gone

TORONTO (CANADA)- Reefs worldwide are under pressure. Not only because of global warming and pollution. Shark fishing is another important factor in the decline of coral reefs, according to a joint study of Canadian and Australian scientists. Where shark numbers are reduced due to commercial fishing, there is also a decrease in the herbivorous fishes which play a key role […]

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Biggest shark catchers identified

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Indonesia and India account for more than a fifth of global shark catches, according to the wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, which published a report Into The Deep today.  EU The two countries were named as the world’s biggest catchers of sharks in an EU-backed probe into implementing a new pact to protect seven threatened species of sharks and […]

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Shark fin ban in California

SAN FRANCISCO (USA)- As of yesterday the US state of California has put a ban on shark fins. It is the sixth US state attempting to preserve shark populations with such a ban. California grocers who sold the dried fins and restaurants that had the prized shark fin soup on menus had 18 months to move their supply. In that […]

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Appetite for shark fin soup fading

HONG KONG (CHINA)- It was standard on the menu of every wedding banquet in Hong Kong. But the appetite for shark fin soup is fading. 90 percent of people say they could, or would, go without it, according to the Hong Kong daily The Standard. That’s what a survey of Junior Chamber International concludes. Over a thousand people in Hong […]

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