CRONULLA (AUSTRALIA)- It seems like the world upside down. But yes whales also hunt sharks. Like these false killer whales off the coast of Cronulla. This video shows their remarkable hunt: Tweet

A wristband that will protect you from inquisitive sharks while you are surfing or snorkeling. SharkBanz claims to repel sharks with magnetic waves. From reefsharks to bull sharks and even tiger sharks. SharkNewz spoke with Nathan Garrison, who invented the device together with his father, David. But how does itContinue Reading

Sea turtles are high on the menu of tiger sharks. Yet although slow and seemingly easy to catch, turtles have their own strategy to avoid the razor sharp teeth of the tiger shark. This video shows how. By swimming in circles on its side.   Tweet

2014 is over! But it turned out to be an exceptional year with more shark species receiving international protection and more water reserves to protect sharks and other marine species. Unfortunately of the west coast of Australia sharks are still under menace of the so-called shark cull. To look backContinue Reading

COCOS ISLAND (COSTA RICA) – Divers with the excursion company Undersea Hunter filmed something that not many of us will ever see off the coast of Costa Rica’s remote Cocos Island National Park. A tiger shark being hunted down by a group of orcas! During the first week of September, the companyContinue Reading

  SANIBEL ISLAND (USA)- A group of divers ran into an unexpected meet with a great white shark while diving in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, about 80 miles of the coast of Sanibel Island, Florida.    It is known that great whites venture into the warm watersContinue Reading

ORLANDO (USA) – A fisherman in a kayak was dragged out to sea when a hammerhead shark took his bait. For two hours long the man was dragged by the shark for a ‘ride to remember.’ Reuters reported that 22-year-old Adam Fisk posted a 5-minute-video of his adventure to YouTube, callingContinue Reading