We’re starting a new series of interviews in honor of people and organisations that help protect sharks. From research to raising awareness, from lobbying to actions and campaigns. Meet the Shark Heroes. In this first edition we talk with Alex Wright, founder and director of Shark Aid International. “We need to makeContinue Reading

What does a shark attack look like? Diver Jason Dimitri made a video of being attacked by a reef shark in the Western Carribean. He was was culling lionfish, an invasive species, at a depth of about 70 feet the shark first took a run at him and bumped him. DimitriContinue Reading

EL PORTO BEACH (USA)- This surfer goes out into the water with a GoPro camera instead of running out the water when a great white shark was spotted off El Porto Beach, Los Angeles, California. See the video report of KCAL 9 below: Tweet

GASPARILLA (USA)- Catch-and-release shark fishing. Mmh how do we feel about that? This fisherman goes a little further than most and helps a 300-pound bull shark he caught off the coast of Florida to swim off again.     Tweet