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Shark cage diving vs. paua diving


STEWART ISLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- ‘Stewart Island will become just like Amity Island, the fictive island in the movie Jaws, if the shark cage diving practices are not stopped soon.’ It’s a statement of the Kiwi political party New Zealand First. The diving tourism around the island is attracting more sharks to the waters and paua (abalone) divers are feeling more and more like shark bait. […]

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Shark Tourism under discussion


STEWART ISLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- Is shark tourism, where great whites are lured to boats and diver cages, causing danger to beachgoers? The local residents of Stewart Island are fed up with shark dive operators and are calling for them to be barred from continuing the practice. Atracting great whites is causing danger for other professionals like paua divers, who collect these shells […]

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New Zealand bans shark finning

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- Good news for sharks in New Zealand waters. The government has fast-tracked a ban on shark finning. The new law will be effective from 1 October.  Eventually the ban was to be phased in from 1 October, with full implementation by October 2016. After consultation with fishing interests and the public, which wanted a ban in place […]

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Airline stops shark fin cargo

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- Air New Zealand is the the latest airline to stop flying shipments of shark’s fin to Hong Kong, the shark’s fin capital of the world. The decision came about after the New Zealand Shark Alliance revealed the airline’s shipments in local media. Earlier, other airlines did the same, such as Cathay Pacific. Air Pacific, soon to be […]

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Sharks washed ashore

MURIWAI BEACH (NEW ZEALAND)- At Muriwai Beach, New Zealand a rare pregnant oceanic whitetip shark washed up ashore. The Department of Conservation speaks of an ‘exceptional find’. In the eastern US state of Delaware beachgoers rescued a washed up shark. Oceanic whitetip The oceanic whitetip is the only one of her species ever to have been found on a New […]

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Swimmer killed by great white

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- A New Zealand man has been attacked and killed Wednesday by a great white shark in a rare fatal shark at Muriwai beach, north-west of Auckland. Fatal attack Police said they fired shots at the shark after a swimmer was fatally bitten on Wednesday at Muriwai beach, about 25 miles north-west of Auckland, one of many beaches […]

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Busy months for mako shark

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- The New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) is impressed by the distance a mako shark which they have been tracking for a while. They named her Carol. The last few months have been busy for the mako shark. After spending spring in Fiji, October near the Coromandel Peninsula and November off the East […]

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