MURIWAI BEACH (NEW ZEALAND)- At Muriwai Beach, New Zealand a rare pregnant oceanic whitetip shark washed up ashore. The Department of Conservation speaks of an ‘exceptional find’. In the eastern US state of Delaware beachgoers rescued a washed up shark. Oceanic whitetip The oceanic whitetip is the only one ofContinue Reading

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- A New Zealand man has been attacked and killed Wednesday by a great white shark in a rare fatal shark at Muriwai beach, north-west of Auckland. Fatal attack Police said they fired shots at the shark after a swimmer was fatally bitten on Wednesday at Muriwai beach,Continue Reading

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- The New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) is impressed by the distance a mako shark which they have been tracking for a while. They named her Carol. The last few months have been busy for the mako shark. After spending spring in Fiji,Continue Reading

NELSON (NEW ZEALAND)- A video of a blue shark eating a smaller shark off the line of which is just got caught by some fishermen has gone viral worldwide over the past holidays. The video is believed to have been shot in Tasman Bay near Nelson, on New Zealand’s South Island. AContinue Reading

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- A group of friends fishing off Auckland’s Waiheke Island last sunday spotted a 3m-long bronze whaler shark about 50 meters off shore.  The bronze whaler was seen in Matiatia Bay while the fishermen were filleting snapper on the back of a 4.7m runabout at the end ofContinue Reading

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)-  From early next year, the deliberate catching of oceanic whitetip sharks will become illegal in New Zealand waters, the government announced Thursday. Whitetip sharks are to get the same protected status under New Zealand’s 1953 Wildlife Act as the great white shark and basking shark. According to ConservationContinue Reading

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- The great whites that live in New Zealand waters seek relaxation in warmer climates as far away as Australia and New Caledonia. Sometimes they even take their holiday in tropical waters. That’s what scientists of the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) found out afterContinue Reading