FALMOUTH (UK)- Bite marks on smaller blue sharks and the attack on a caught shark by an even bigger shark. Fishermen believe great whites and mako sharks have arrived on the shores of Cornwall, attracted by the warm waters. The fisherman say bite marks found on much smaller blue sharksContinue Reading

LONDON (UK)- For the next 3 days Groupon’s London deal is sending people to eat shark fin at Shanghai Blues, a restaurant well known for its shark fin dishes. So far over 301 offers for dinner for 2 have been bought. Meaning over 600 people could be eating shark finContinue Reading

great white pointer

LONDON (UK)- Filmmaker Rufus Elliott is making the documentary ‘When Jaws Came To Visit’. In this film he examines the evidence that the most iconic fish and predator in the sea; the Great White shark, is visiting the coast of Britain during its yearly migration. The hunt for this elusive creatureContinue Reading

CAMBER SANDS (UK)-Nikki Lambert was just walking the dog on the Sussex beach of Camber Sands when he stumbled upon a 5-foot blue shark. Dead and washed up ashore. It’s the second blue shark washed ashore in a week. Last week a dead blue shark was found alongside a townContinue Reading

ISLE OF MAN (UK)- Off the small island of Calf of Man a rare thresher shark was spotted leaping fully out of the water. It was Calf of Man warden Simon Davies that watched the shark jump while doing a watch for sea birds on the north of the Calf . ThresherContinue Reading

PLYMOUTH (UK)- Great white sharks could be “occasional vagrant visitors” to waters around the British Isles, according to an expert. Richard Peirce, chairman of the Shark Trust, said the conditions and availability of prey made British waters an ideal hunting ground for the feared predator. Peirce said: “The real surprise isContinue Reading

LONDON (UK)- The funeral of Ian Redmond who was killed by probably a great white while snorkeling in the Seychelles. He was there on honeymoon with his new wife Gemma Redmond. She lay on the beach when he was attacked. Read her letter to her late husband in the Mirror Continue Reading