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Ocearch concludes shark research in Northern Atlantic


PARK CITY (USA)- Eleven sharks tagged by Ocearch.org have surfaced off the Atlantic coasts of the US states of South Carolina and Georgia in the past few days, sending their location information via satellite to the organization that tracks them. It’s a regular shark party!!! Great whites and tiger sharks Ocearch, a globally recognized nonprofit dedicated to the study and tracking of keystone marine […]

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Shark cull jeopardises beach safety

Shark killing in Western Australia

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The Western Australian government is jeopardising beach safety by using tagging data to track a great white shark it has marked for culling. So say shark experts in The Guardian in reaction to the announcement of the State’s Department of Fisheries Friday that it would deploy capture gear to “take” a tagged white shark. This shark had been […]

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Less sharks off Dutch Coast

School or Tope Shark. CC:Flickr Al and Marie

NEELTJE JANS (THE NETHERLANDS) – The number of sharks on the Dutch coast has been increasing the past few years. Yet a research project called Shark-a-Tag found less sharks this year than before. Three days of tagging saw only 54 sharks, while last year that number was 210. In 2012 101 sharks were tagged. Why this year there is such […]

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Buoy tracks great whites

PIEDRAS BLANCAS (USA)- Friends of the Elephant Seal have recently teamed up with researchers from Hopkins Marine Station to deploy a buoy off Piedras Blancas. According to The Cambrian is tracks tagged white sharks near the elephant seal rookery about 12 miles north of Cambria. The buoy, deployed on Saturday, Oct. 12, can detect any of the 100-plus white sharks […]

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Tracking basking sharks

ISLE OF SKYE (SCOTLAND)- A new research program tracks basking sharks of the west coast of Scotland. This region is a hotspot for the great gentle giants of these cold waters. The data will be used for the assessment of the region as a potential marine reserve. Basking sharks appear every summer around the isles off the west coast of […]

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Great whites store up fat for travel

PACIFIC GROVE (USA)- Researchers at the Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove said they have discovered that great white sharks store oil in their liver and then deplete it as they travel monumental distances. Where the sharks go is pretty well documented thanks to all the tagging programs. But how and why they travel is still not certain. Researcher Gen […]

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Great white off Florida Keys

MIAMI (USA)– Marine scientists from the University of Miami encountered an unexpected guest in the warm waters off the Florida Keys: a great white. The RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, was doing a routine sampling of shark population on the water just east of Islamorada when they hooked a 10-11-foot great white shark. The shark, swimming in approximately 100-feet of […]

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