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VIDEO: Great white tagged

JACKSONVILLE (USA)- The first great white in the waters off the southern state of Florida was caught and tagged by Ocearch researchers. She weighs 2,000lbs, is 14ft 6in long and her Florida guardians have called her Lydia. The great white shark with the unassuming name was hauled on deck for 15 minutes so she could be fitted with electronic tags. Lydia is […]

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Great whites take holiday

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- The great whites that live in New Zealand waters seek relaxation in warmer climates as far away as Australia and New Caledonia. Sometimes they even take their holiday in tropical waters. That’s what scientists of the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) found out after tracking several sharks with tags placed on them. The data show […]

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Ocearch tags sharks off Cape Cod

CHATHAM (USA)- Scientists and fishermen worked together aboard the Ocearch, a repurposed crabbing vessel to tag their first great white shark off the eastern coast of the US state of Massachusetts. The shark, more than 2,000 pounds and nearly 15 feet long, was tagged and released. The method they use is new. Ocearch is a nonprofit research organization named for a combination of […]

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Sharks off Dutch coast

HARLINGEN (THE NETHERLANDS)- Within a few years the starry smooth-hound (mustelas asterias) will be back in the Wadden Sea, the intertidal zone in the southeastern part of the North Sea off the coasts of The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. So predicts the Waddenvereniging, the Dutch association for protection of this remarkable natural habitat, famous for its seals. Overfishing Ever since the […]

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Basking shark travels to Hawaii

HONOLULU (USA)- In february a basking shark, tagged off the coast of San Diego, California, checked in after eight months of silence near Hawaii. Scientists are excited about the proven direct connection between basking sharks in the eastern Pacific and the central Pacific. The fish, tagged near San Diego, was one of only four basking sharks ever tagged in the eastern […]

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