EL PORTO BEACH (USA)- This surfer goes out into the water with a GoPro camera instead of running out the water when a great white shark was spotted off El Porto Beach, Los Angeles, California. See the video report of KCAL 9 below: Tweet

REUNION (FRANCE)- The tropical isle of Reunion in the Indian Ocean is turning out a real hot spot for shark attacks. Yesterday a 24-year old surfer got his leg bitten off by a shark. The man is in the hospital, fighting for his life. Earlier this year two people died fromContinue Reading

HAWAII (USA)-  25-year old surfer Jeff Horton was surfing near Kilauea, Hawaii, when a tiger shark attacked. It grabbed his legs, jerking them. Horton pulled his left leg out of the water and got on the surfboard, but was knocked off when the shark began to chomp on the board. HeContinue Reading

JEFFREYS BAY (SOUTH AFRICA)- A 74-year old man was killed while snorkeling off the coast of Jeffreys Bay, South Africa by what is believed to be a great white. The man was an experienced open-water swimmer who regularly swam along the coastline of Jeffreys Bay. He was snorkelling in aContinue Reading

ESPERANCE (AUSTRALIA)-  Australian authorities have released a catch-and-kill order for the sharkt hat attacked and seriously injured an abalone diver off the coast of Esperance earlier today. The man was treated at the hospital for bite wounds, mainly to his torso, and was stabilised. He also has minor injuries toContinue Reading

STUART (USA)- A teenage surfer was attacked by a blacktip reef shark while he was posing for pictures in waist-deep waters off the Florida-town of Stuart. The shark bit him on the right hand. The young surfer needed 12 stitches. The 16-year-old  says he hit the shark with his surfboard and then ranContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Is tossing dead sheep into the ocean the reason for the exceptional high number of shark attacks off the coast of Western Australia this past year? Concerned conservationists have called for more research on this potential link between attacks on humans and dead sheep thrown into the oceanContinue Reading