EUREKA (USA)- A 25-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries past tuesday when he was attacked by a great white shark while surfing in Eureka, California. Other surfers helped the man out of the water and rushed him to the hospital before local beach patrol could respond. According to witnesses the manContinue Reading

PONCE INLET (USA)- Yesterday a 24-year old surfer from Holmes Beach was bitten by a shark the ankle in the ocean off Ponce Inlet, just north of the jetty. It is the 8th shark attack this year in Volusia County, which calls itself “shark bite capitol of the world”. MostContinue Reading

REDHEAD BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- Surfer Glen Folkard was attacked by a 10ft bull shark while surfing just off Redhead Beach, north of Sydney. The shark bit four pounds of flesh from the leg of the 44-year old surfer. When the shark let go to get a good grip for a newContinue Reading

NOBBY BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- A young Australian surfer off Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast experienced every surfer’s worst nightmare scenario. On march 20th he was surfing, trying a new trick, and fell off his board. Right on a large shark that was swimming under him. The startled predator did whatContinue Reading

SAN FRANCISCO (USA)–Just a couple of days after the attack on a surfer at Marina State Beach, a professional surfer quits  his pro surfcontest in the cold waters of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach after saying he saw a large shark.  Hawaiian surfer Dusty Payne, 22 years old, left the surf while competingContinue Reading