MIAMI (USA)- Great whites are lone predators but when their is a dead whale floating around they are much more social than thought to be. Experts studied social behaviour of white sharks around a dead whale in the cold waters of South Africa. The study is titled, White sharks (CarcharodonContinue Reading

CAPE TOWN (SOUTH AFRICA)- The council of the South-African town of Cape Town is working on implementing new shark nets in Fish Hoek. These ones are designed to keep sharks out, rather than the conventional nets that are designed to kill them. What makes Fish Hoek’s “exclusion nets” a worldContinue Reading

MIAMI (USA)- 2012 has seen more unprovoked shark attacks worldwide than the year before. In general, the number of shark attacks has grown at a steady pace since 1900, with each decade having more attacks than the previous. The International Shark Attack File (ISAF), the world’s most recognized source onContinue Reading