WESTERN CAPE (SOUTH AFRICA)- Last week, a man was found guilty of catching and landing a great white shark. The Mossel Bay Magistrate’s Court decided: either twelve months in prison, suspended for five years or 120.000 Rand. The verdict was welcomed by the national Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheriesContinue Reading

ST.LUCIA (SOUTH AFRICA)- A video of a big decapitated crocodile on a South African beach has become an internet hit, with much speculation on how the reptile met its fate. Most likely the croc was grabbed by a great white as he left the estuary and entered the ocean. AContinue Reading

PORT ST. JOHNS (SOUTH AFRICA)-Neither effluent from local buildings and settlements nor a whale carcass buried on the beach a decade ago is likely to be a factor in the high number of attacks in South African waters the past years. Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa revealed there had been 39Continue Reading

MOSSEL BAY (SOUTH AFRICA)- The sportsfisherman who illegally caught a great white in Mossel Bay, and was caught redhanded by the cameras of the local press, says it wasn’t he who brought the shark out of the water, but it was the waves. He also denies posing with the sharkContinue Reading

CAPE TOWN (SOUTH-AFRICA)- Clovelly Beach, near the South-African city Cape Town, is still closed. The waters are not safe yet. Last week a British swimmer was attacked here on september 28 by a great white and lost a leg. The shark is still there, gliding menacingly through swallow waters asContinue Reading

LONDON (UK)- Shark victim Michael Cohen from the UK, who was attacked last week in South Africa by a great white, had a fascination with Great Whites and for “years” repeatedly ­ignored warnings not to swim in the waters that are home to the world’s largest ­population of these predators.Continue Reading