NEW YORK CITY (USA)- Yesterday, Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, was closed for a while by lifeguards after a bather reported seeing a shark. Rockaway Beach in Queens was filled with hundreds of people enjoying the nice weather. An Instagram user named Patricia Carbone estimated that the waters wereContinue Reading

ISLE OF MULL (SCOTLAND)- The summer in Scotland is famed for watching basking sharks. These gentle sharks come close to the shores in the summer months in large numbers to look for a mate. Isle of Mull-based Sea Life Surveys said it had observed about 100 of the creatures offContinue Reading

LA JOLLA (USA)- Amazing dive opportunities in California’s La Jolla Cove. Every spring and early summer the rare and mysterious seven gill shark appears from the deep in the shallow waters of the cove.  The near-threatened sevengill sharks, named for having seven gill slits on either side of their bodies, reachContinue Reading

BYRON BAY (AUSTRALIA)- Imagine reeling in what looks to be a great catch and then suddenly get bumped overboard by a great white shark. It happened to a sports fisherman who was fishing tuna near Julian Rocks in Australia’s Byron Bay. ‘This huge shark about 4.5m came launching into the sideContinue Reading

BONDI BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- World famous Sydney’s Bondi Beach was closed yesterday after a fishing boat dumped an indeterminate amount of bycatch, or chum, into the surf near the populated area. With this chum came a shark. The incident took place shortly before midday, as beachgoers noted the vessel rounding BenContinue Reading

Sea turtles are high on the menu of tiger sharks. Yet although slow and seemingly easy to catch, turtles have their own strategy to avoid the razor sharp teeth of the tiger shark. This video shows how. By swimming in circles on its side.   Tweet