CHATHAM (USA)- New England is becoming more and more a hotspot for great whites. Last week scientists spotted no more than 17 great whites within a few miles of the Cape Cod shore.

While a few thousand kilometers south people are experiencing a different kind of ‘summer of sharks’, in Massachusetts they are very happy. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy called last week Thursday ‘the biggest day we’ve had of the season’.

According to the organization the activity of the white sharks in the cold Atlantic waters off Cape Cod are definitely higher this year.

With so many great whites in the water, would you dare to go in? Somehow attacks in this area are very rare. In the last 80 years only five were reported in Massachusetts.

According to the Conservancy it is normal to have sharks swimming in these waters. In earlier years there have been shark warnings though.

Last year marked the start of a five year population study by the Cape Cod-based Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, so it’s hard to say if this year’s numbers are out of the ordinary.