CAPE TOWN (SOUTH AFRICA)- Up to 24 countries may be catching sharks in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea but failing to report these catches, as is legally required by the Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). A new report by Oceana revealed these secret catches, based onContinue Reading

Shark fin soup might be delicious but it’s destroying the world’s sharks. That’s the message of an ad campaign in the Chinese city of Shanghai. The campaign is using shark coffins to emphasize the message. The new ad campaign from the  International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and design firmContinue Reading

HONG KONG (CHINA)- The pressure is on. Last weekend the government of Hong Kong officially declared it would stop serving shark fin at official functions as “a good example,” following years of lobbying by conservation groups. The southern Chinese city is one of the world’s biggest markets for shark fin,Continue Reading

HONG KONG (CHINA)- Good news for sharks worldwide. The shark fin trade is on its way back. The world’s biggest hub in shark fin trade, Hong Kong, has seen its imports drop by 30 procent in the past year.  Hong Kong imported 1,162 tons of shark fins in 2012, accordingContinue Reading

LONDON (UK)- For the next 3 days Groupon’s London deal is sending people to eat shark fin at Shanghai Blues, a restaurant well known for its shark fin dishes. So far over 301 offers for dinner for 2 have been bought. Meaning over 600 people could be eating shark finContinue Reading

ALBANY (USA)- The US state of New York is banning trade in shark fins starting next summer. The eastern coastal state follows the example of California and other western coast states in their efforts to protect sharks. 73 million sharks killed An estimated 73 million sharks are killed worldwide everyContinue Reading

SAN FRANCISCO (USA)- As of yesterday the US state of California has put a ban on shark fins. It is the sixth US state attempting to preserve shark populations with such a ban. California grocers who sold the dried fins and restaurants that had the prized shark fin soup onContinue Reading