shark finsLONDON (UK)- For the next 3 days Groupon’s London deal is sending people to eat shark fin at Shanghai Blues, a restaurant well known for its shark fin dishes. So far over 301 offers for dinner for 2 have been bought. Meaning over 600 people could be eating shark fin in the near future.

Sign the petition at to stop this. Too many sharks worldwide get their fins cut off and then throw back still alive just so people can eat pointless dishes as shark fin soup. It can take days for the animal to die.

Not only is this practice barbaric, is it also hugely wasteful with 95 percent of the valuable protein being discarded. This soup doesn’t even taste like fish, fins or shark. It’s mostly chicken broth which comes closest to the taste.

Groupon deals cause a huge increase in people using the services advertised, and when shark fin is on the menu, the restaurant is undoubtedly going to have to order a lot more in.

Shark finning
Globally shark populations are being decimated with tens of millions killed every year for the shark fin trade. 390 species of shark are listed as endangered, threatened or vulnerable by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and at the rate we are going 20 could become extinct in the near future. Populations of many shark species have fallen by 90% since 1972, mostly driven by the shark fin market.

The offer is going to be online for another 3 days and as of 1pm on Friday, 301 offers have been purchased. If the offer continues to be sold at this rate, potentially we’re looking at thousands of people descending on Shanghai Blue where shark fin is on the menu.

Sign the petition at