shark coffinShark fin soup might be delicious but it’s destroying the world’s sharks. That’s the message of an ad campaign in the Chinese city of Shanghai. The campaign is using shark coffins to emphasize the message.

The new ad campaign from the  International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and design firm Y&R Shanghai wants to change the minds of the Chinese.

China announced it would ban the sale of the ancient, gelatinous delicacy at official government banquets, reducing demand for shark fin across the region. Still the taste for shark fin soup is big. The fins don’t add any taste to the soup, which is more or less like chicken broth, but it is the status of it that makes it so popular.

China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have made up 95 percent of the world’s shark fin imports in recent years. The IFAW  estimates that 73 million sharks are gruesomely finned for Asian markets annually.

See the video: