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Shocking footage of damage that shark nets cause

SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA)- Today marks the end of the 2018/2019 shark netting season of New South Wales, Australia. What damage these nets cause to keep swimmers safe is dramatically shown by the graphic footage that Humane Society International (HSI) and the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) today released. Every year hundreds of marine animals are killed by the shark net program […]

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Australian surfers vote for ‘controlled’ cull

BYRON BAY (AUSTRALIA)- Surfers on Australia’s New South Wales north coast have overwhelmingly and somehow unexpectedly voted for a partial cull of sharks. This vote was made last night following an unprecedented number of attacks and sightings along the world-famous coastline. Surfer Tadashi Nakahara was mauled to death in February and 11 others have been attacked, including body boarder Matt Lee […]

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Shark cull jeopardises beach safety

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The Western Australian government is jeopardising beach safety by using tagging data to track a great white shark it has marked for culling. So say shark experts in The Guardian in reaction to the announcement of the State’s Department of Fisheries Friday that it would deploy capture gear to “take” a tagged white shark. This shark had been […]

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Docu shows terror of Shark Cull

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Anti-poaching organisation Sea Shepherd has produced a documentary to expose the terrible reality of the so-called Shark Cull, the bait-and-kill shark measure of the West-Australian government to protect its beaches. The film is called Apex Harmony “The Shark Cull” and features confronting underwater footage of bullet-riddled sharks on the ocean floor. It also identifies a fisherman paid $600,000 last summer to patrol drum lines […]

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Research reveals truth on cull

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The much debated ‘shark cull’ of Western Australia seems to imposed on the citizens by the local government. It turns out that less than 20 procent of the Western Australians agree with “culling sharks”. More than 50 per cent of them said although more needed to be done about sharks, culling was not the answer. Most respondent did […]

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Shark Cull is not effective

The controversial shark cull has not proven effective in keeping swimmers safe from shark attacks. Yet the West Australian Government wants to extend the catch-and-kill policy. So, kill first, ask questions later…. The Shark Cull was enacted after a spate of fatal shark attacks in West Australian waters, attributed mostly to great whites. 170 sharks in 3 months The policy […]

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