shark killPERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Anti-poaching organisation Sea Shepherd has produced a documentary to expose the terrible reality of the so-called Shark Cull, the bait-and-kill shark measure of the West-Australian government to protect its beaches. The film is called Apex Harmony “The Shark Cull” and features confronting underwater footage of bullet-riddled sharks on the ocean floor. It also identifies a fisherman paid $600,000 last summer to patrol drum lines off the South-West and shows him using a knife to cut the hook out of an undersized shark. In the film, Sea Shepherd describes the contractor’s methods as “cruel and barbaric” and claims the treatment of sharks by Fisheries officers was “unacceptable”. Sea Shepherd expects many cinema-goers would be surprised to see the injured state in which sharks under 3m long are being released. The film will be shown in cinema. You can see the preview here: