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VIDEO: Shark sanctuaries

WASHINGTON, DC (USA)- The Pew Charitable Trusts has worked with eight countries and territories around the world in recent years to establish shark sanctuaries, implementing policies that ban commercial fishing of sharks and possession of fishing gear used to target them. Enforcing laws in these sanctuaries, which can span millions of square kilometers, may seem like a daunting task. Yet officials in such […]

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Shark angler punished

WESTERN CAPE (SOUTH AFRICA)- Last week, a man was found guilty of catching and landing a great white shark. The Mossel Bay Magistrate’s Court decided: either twelve months in prison, suspended for five years or 120.000 Rand. The verdict was welcomed by the national Department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries on Monday. Angler Leon Bekker apparently caught and landed the […]

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Great white as endangered species

SAUSALITO (USA)- Great white sharks in the North East Pacific should be protected as endangered Species. Shark Stewards has filed a petition with the California Fish and Game Commission to protect the sharks under the Endangered Species Act.   The genetically distinct white shark population in California and Baja California, Mexico, numbers only a few hundred individuals and is at risk […]

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French Polynesia protects sharks

PAPEETE (FRENCH POLYNESIA)-Good news for sharks in the South Pacific. Not only has the government of French Polynesia included the mako, the last shark that was not protected in its waters, on the list of fish banned from capture or trade in its vast territorial zone in the South Pacific. It also will create the world’s biggest shark sanctuary. The […]

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EU: Definite no to shark finning

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Finally shark finning is complety banned from European waters. The European parliament last Thursday called a definitive halt to the long contested practice of fishermen slicing off fins and throwing the live mutilated sharks overboard to drown. Shark finning was prohibited by the EU already in 2003 but an exemption allowed fishermen with special permits to remove the […]

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Petition for Porbeagle Protection

OTTAWA (CANADA)- Friends of Hector have started a petition to urge Canada into protecting the endangered porbeagle sharks. It is the only country on the Atlantic ocean directly targeting this shark and is allowing thousands to be caught as ‘bycatch’ in fisheries for other fish. Over 17.000 people signed already. Porbeagle Porbeagle sharks are one of the most endangered sharks […]

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