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European parliament confusing on finning vote

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- The European Parliament Fisheries Committee voted last week in “a puzzling and inconsistent manner” on a suite of amendments that form their response to a European Commission proposal to strengthen the EU ban on shark “finning” (slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea). Votes on most amendments passed or failed by a narrow margin […]

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Shark finners caught

COCO ISLAND (COSTA RICA)- Costa Rican park rangers caught a shark finning boat working the shark-infested waters off remote Coco Island. They let fourteen other boats go. That leads to doubts about the sincerity of the Costa Rican efforts to actually fighting back shark finning in their waters. Geiner Golfín, park director, said the radar detected at least 15 boats […]

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Costa Rican shark poachers busted

GOLFITO (COSTA RICA)- Four Costa Ricans were arrested wednesday morning by the National Coast Guard (NG) on suspicion of killing sharks at sea for their fins. The officers found 122 fins from about 30 sharks inside freezers aboard a fishing vessel, southeast from Golfito, off Punta Banco, in waters in the South Pacific. This is the second case against shark finning in the […]

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Study on shark attacks South Africa

PORT ST. JOHNS (SOUTH AFRICA)-Neither effluent from local buildings and settlements nor a whale carcass buried on the beach a decade ago is likely to be a factor in the high number of attacks in South African waters the past years. Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa revealed there had been 39 shark attacks in SA waters between 2006 and 2011 – […]

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EU backs ban on shark finning

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- European Union nations this week backed a complete ban on the practice of removing sharks’ fins before throwing the fish back into the sea to die. The EU nations said they want all boats in their waters and EU-registered boats anywhere in the world to land sharks with their fins attached. The proposals still need the support of […]

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Di Caprio calls fans for shark bill

LOS ANGELES (USA)- Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio is pleading with fans in California to back a bill banning the sale of shark fins in this U.S state. The Titanic star, a passionate animal rights campaigner, previously wrote a letter to officials in support of Assembly Bill 376, which would make it illegal to possess, sell or trade sought-after fins. Now DiCaprio is ramping […]

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