BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Finally shark finning is complety banned from European waters. The European parliament last Thursday called a definitive halt to the long contested practice of fishermen slicing off fins and throwing the live mutilated sharks overboard to drown. Shark finning was prohibited by the EU already in 2003 butContinue Reading

OTTAWA (CANADA)- Friends of Hector have started a petition to urge Canada into protecting the endangered porbeagle sharks. It is the only country on the Atlantic ocean directly targeting this shark and is allowing thousands to be caught as ‘bycatch’ in fisheries for other fish. Over 17.000 people signed already.Continue Reading

BANGKOK (THAILAND)-35 countries worldwide have now submitted seven species of vulnerable sharks and manta rays for consideration for protection next year under an international treaty concerned with regulating wildlife trade. The recommendations include porbeagle and oceanic whitetip sharks, three species of hammerhead sharks, and two types of manta rays. GovernmentsContinue Reading

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)-  From early next year, the deliberate catching of oceanic whitetip sharks will become illegal in New Zealand waters, the government announced Thursday. Whitetip sharks are to get the same protected status under New Zealand’s 1953 Wildlife Act as the great white shark and basking shark. According to ConservationContinue Reading

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- The European Parliament Fisheries Committee voted last week in “a puzzling and inconsistent manner” on a suite of amendments that form their response to a European Commission proposal to strengthen the EU ban on shark “finning” (slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea). VotesContinue Reading

COCO ISLAND (COSTA RICA)- Costa Rican park rangers caught a shark finning boat working the shark-infested waters off remote Coco Island. They let fourteen other boats go. That leads to doubts about the sincerity of the Costa Rican efforts to actually fighting back shark finning in their waters. Geiner Golfín,Continue Reading

GOLFITO (COSTA RICA)- Four Costa Ricans were arrested wednesday morning by the National Coast Guard (NG) on suspicion of killing sharks at sea for their fins. The officers found 122 fins from about 30 sharks inside freezers aboard a fishing vessel, southeast from Golfito, off Punta Banco, in waters in the South Pacific.Continue Reading