SANIBEL ISLAND (USA)- A group of divers ran into an unexpected meet with a great white shark while diving in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, about 80 miles of the coast of Sanibel Island, Florida.    It is known that great whites venture into the warm watersContinue Reading

ORLANDO (USA) – A fisherman in a kayak was dragged out to sea when a hammerhead shark took his bait. For two hours long the man was dragged by the shark for a ‘ride to remember.’ Reuters reported that 22-year-old Adam Fisk posted a 5-minute-video of his adventure to YouTube, callingContinue Reading

JENSEN BEACH (USA)- A beach café in the Florida town of Jensen Beach will serve shark meat this Saturday. In this dubious way the owner wants to commemorate that he was attacked by shark exactly two years ago. Kona Beach Cafe will be serving 50 pounds of shark meat andContinue Reading

FORT LAUDERDALE (USA). – A new study by scientists from Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Save Our Seas Shark Research Centre and Cornell University published in final form today in the journal BMC Genomics now undertakes the first large-scale exploration of the great white shark’s genetic repertoire, and comes up with unexpectedContinue Reading

MIAMI (USA)- A 6-year old boy survived a shark attack while wading knee-deep in the water just a few feet from his parents. The shark tried to pull the boy out by his leg, but bystanders helped pull him free. The family of the boy told the full story toContinue Reading

POMPANO BEACH (USA)- Divecaptain Matt Heath of Pompano Dive Center had the guts to swim up to a large tiger shark and take the  hook out of its mouth, that was left behind by a fisherman.  “Believe me, there is nothing relaxing about pulling a large hook out of aContinue Reading

GASPARILLA (USA)- Catch-and-release shark fishing. Mmh how do we feel about that? This fisherman goes a little further than most and helps a 300-pound bull shark he caught off the coast of Florida to swim off again.     Tweet