JACKSONVILLE (USA)- The first great white in the waters off the southern state of Florida was caught and tagged by Ocearch researchers. She weighs 2,000lbs, is 14ft 6in long and her Florida guardians have called her Lydia. The great white shark with the unassuming name was hauled on deck for 15Continue Reading

PALM BEACH (USA)- The beaches at Palm Beach, Florida, are closed for swimmers due to a phenomenon that is seen each year: the migration of thousands of sharks along the shorelines. At Midtown Beach local fishermen grabbed their chance to easily catch some big ones from the beach. Luckily, theyContinue Reading

PONCE INLET (USA)- Yesterday a 24-year old surfer from Holmes Beach was bitten by a shark the ankle in the ocean off Ponce Inlet, just north of the jetty. It is the 8th shark attack this year in Volusia County, which calls itself “shark bite capitol of the world”. MostContinue Reading

VERO BEACH (USA)- A 21 year old surfer was bitten Tuesday on his arm while he was surfing at Sebastian Inlet State Park off the coast of Florida, USA.  The man was paddling over a deep trough roughly 25 yards offshore when the shark, estimated to be up to fiveContinue Reading

JACKSONVILLE BEACH (USA)- Tropical storm Beryl left behind plenty of downed trees and flooded streets, but also a lot of sharks in the offshore waters off the eastern central coast of the US state of Florida. Surfers in central Florida say they have seen an increase in the number of sharks inContinue Reading

PLAYALINDA BEACH (USA)-  A 19-year old kitesurfer was bitten by a shark while kitesurfing with friends off Playalinda Beach in northern Brevard County, Florida. He is described as Florida’s 1st shark victim of the season. He suffered minor injuries. Brevard County Fire Rescue paramedics responded to the beach at 1:15Continue Reading

MIAMI (USA)- Shark fin soup, still more popular than ever, is not only dangerous for the shark populations worldwide, it also endangers the brain health of the people  that eat the soup. Scientists of the University of Miami neurotoxin in the soup. University of Miami (UM) scientists discovered high concentrations ofContinue Reading