PANAMA CITY BEACH (USA)- Sportsfishermen had the surprise of their lives when a great white shark bit their boat. The skipper was out fishing for amberjacks on the Gulf of Mexico when he and two passengers in his 22-foot boat suddenly felt a thump. At first they thought they hadContinue Reading

INDIAN HARBOUR (USA)- A 44-year old man was bitten by a a two-feet long shark while paddling offshore of Indian Harbour Beach. The man suffered a bite to his left hand and was seen bleeding as he made it back to shore. Brevard County Fire Rescue paramedics and Ocean RescueContinue Reading

DESTIN (USA) – Two bathers at the Floridan beach of Destin didn’t realize they were really close to a big hammerhead shark until some guys from the balcony shouted at them. The shark had no interest at all in the humans and was chasing after a fish. Sharing the watersContinue Reading

BREVARD (USA)- Eastern central beaches of the US state of Florida are being visited by big schools of sharks. August and september are primetime months for sharks in these waters. They follow massive schools of mullet, anchovies, herrings, and sardines that are migrating along Brevard County and other east CentralContinue Reading

NEW SMYRNA BEACH (USA) – And another surfer got bitten by a shark at what is sometimes known as Shark Attack capital of the world: Florida’s New Smyrna Beach. Yesterday a 14-year-old surfer from the town of Edgewater was surfing near the jetty in New Smyrna Beach in about 4 feet of waterContinue Reading

MIAMI (USA)- At South Beach in Miami tourists can be buy baby sharks in a jar. What a horrible waste of life and who wants to bring home a jar filled with dead shark as a souvenir? It’s good that more and more people become aware of the endangered statusContinue Reading

KEY WEST (USA)- One of the most remarkable sharks is making the rounds on internet: the goblin shark. Caught in the nets of commercial fisherman Carl Moore, just south of Key West (Florida), who had no idea what that thing was in his nets. It is named by many asContinue Reading