Bull sharks at Walkers Cay, Bahamas
Bull sharks at Walkers Cay, Bahamas. Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons, Albert Kok.

MIAMI (USA)- A 6-year old boy survived a shark attack while wading knee-deep in the water just a few feet from his parents. The shark tried to pull the boy out by his leg, but bystanders helped pull him free.

The family of the boy told the full story to the Alex City Outlook. The shark was about 4-6 foot long and had his jaws clamped around the boy’s leg, trying to drag the child under the water.

Two bystanders rushed in and punched the shark on its head before it finally let go.

The parents wrapped their bleeding child’s leg with a T-shirt before emergency workers arrived a few minutes later.

Logan was taken to a hospital, where doctors stitched up five deep puncture wounds from the nasty bite. What kind of shark it was, is not clear.

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