KEY WEST (USA)- One of the most remarkable sharks is making the rounds on internet: the goblin shark. Caught in the nets of commercial fisherman Carl Moore, just south of Key West (Florida), who had no idea what that thing was in his nets.

It is named by many as a real ugly beast, but most scientists are thrilled by any news of this rare deap-sea shark. It is believed to be only the second such specimen ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is not known how old goblin sharks live, how often they reproduce, or even how big they are when they reproduce. The shark on the photo is estimated to be 4.5 meters long.

Released alive
Moore took the pictures that have become famous in the past days on the internet and then released the shark again into the ocean and contacted the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

See more on goblin sharks in this video: