What does a shark attack look like? Diver Jason Dimitri made a video of being attacked by a reef shark in the Western Carribean. He was was culling lionfish, an invasive species, at a depth of about 70 feet the shark first took a run at him and bumped him. DimitriContinue Reading

POMPANO BEACH (USA)- Divecaptain Matt Heath of Pompano Dive Center had the guts to swim up to a large tiger shark and take the  hook out of its mouth, that was left behind by a fisherman.  “Believe me, there is nothing relaxing about pulling a large hook out of aContinue Reading

ADELAIDE (AUSTRALIA)- Divers in the HMAS Adelaide marine reserve, about 60 miles north of Sydney were shocked by the sight of a two metre long mako shark, hanging dead and mutilated upside down in the water hanging by the tail. Who did this barbaric thing is not yet known. The shark wasContinue Reading

VIENNA (AUSTRIA)- Last weekend, Austrian undersea explorer and writer Hans Hass passed away ar age 94. Because of his work campaigning for a better reputation of sharks, he was named ‘Lord of the Sharks’. Hass published 32 books and produced 73 films during his career on the seas in hisContinue Reading

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Off the coast of La Jolla, close to San Diego, California, scuba divers have spotted large sevengill sharks swimming this week. The sharks, inhabitants of the US Pacific Coast disappeared about 70 years ago but made a spectacular comeback.  In the past several years there has beenContinue Reading