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Girl killed by shark in Reunion

SAINT-DENIS (REUNION)- A 15-year old girl was killed this week after being attacked by a shark in the waters off the tropical isle of Reunion. She was snorkeling just a few metres from the shore. The area she was swimming in, Saint Paul’s Bay , in the northwest of the island, is an unsupervised area where bathing is forbidden due […]

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Brunei bans shark fin trade

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (BRUNEI)- The sultanate of Brunei has announced it will enforce the ban on the catch and landings of all shark species from Brunei’s waters. And thus cease the sale of any related products in the domestic market. Furthermore, Brunei will also now officially enforce the ban on the importation and trade of shark products which has been in place […]

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VIDEO: Slaughter of whale sharks

GUJARAT (INDIA)- Through the SharkNewz Daily I stumbled upon this shocking video on the slaughter of whale sharks off the Indian coast. It is a shortened version of the award-winning film ‘Shores of Silence’. This film moved the government of India into bringing in legislation and banning the killing of the Whale Sharks on Indian shores. The Whale Shark was declared […]

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Moon has effect on shark behavior

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- The diving behaviour of sharks could be influenced by the moon, water temperature and time of day, new research by the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute and the Australian Institute of Marine Science has revealed. Grey reef sharks Scientists of the two institutes studied about 40 grey reef sharks – commonly found on coral reefs in northern […]

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VIDEO: Beaches closed for sharks

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- Beaches in Perth, Western Australia, were closed this week when a unusually large group of sharks was spotted just offshore. by a chopper crew. Around 100 sharks were spotted just one-third of a mile off a popular beach. The crew of a rescue helicopter spotted the animals while they were feeding on a school of bait fish. A local beach […]

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