KHOBAR CREEK (PAKISTAN)- Pakistani fishermen who caught a juvenile whale shark have successfully released it without any injury in the offshore waters of the country. They struggled for an hour to safely release the shark The coast of Pakistan is considered to be an important breeding and basking ground forContinue Reading

REUNION (FRANCE)- The tropical isle of Reunion in the Indian Ocean is turning out a real hot spot for shark attacks. Yesterday a 24-year old surfer got his leg bitten off by a shark. The man is in the hospital, fighting for his life. Earlier this year two people died fromContinue Reading

JAKARTA (INDONESIA)- A new species of ‘walking shark’ has been discovered in the waters around the Maluku Islands, Indonesia. It has been described in the journal Aqua and given the name epaulette (long-tailed carpet) shark, or Hemiscyllium halmahera.  It was actually photographed for the first time in 2008. Two other specimens were caught by scientistsContinue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- A company called Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) and the University of Western Australia scientists together have been working to protect swimmers, surfers and divers from getting attacked on with a line of shark-deterring wet suits. Colorblind One version, “Elude,” camouflages the wearer in the water, based on the recentContinue Reading

SAINT-DENIS (REUNION)- A 15-year old girl was killed this week after being attacked by a shark in the waters off the tropical isle of Reunion. She was snorkeling just a few metres from the shore. The area she was swimming in, Saint Paul’s Bay , in the northwest of theContinue Reading

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (BRUNEI)- The sultanate of Brunei has announced it will enforce the ban on the catch and landings of all shark species from Brunei’s waters. And thus cease the sale of any related products in the domestic market. Furthermore, Brunei will also now officially enforce the ban on the importationContinue Reading

GUJARAT (INDIA)- Through the SharkNewz Daily I stumbled upon this shocking video on the slaughter of whale sharks off the Indian coast. It is a shortened version of the award-winning film ‘Shores of Silence’. This film moved the government of India into bringing in legislation and banning the killing of theContinue Reading