SAN ANTONIO (USA)- What do you do with a shark caught? Release it into the wild of course. But not everyone cares so much for living creatures. A San Antonio angler got stuck with a 800 pounds tiger shark. And decided to give its meat to the homeless. It’s betterContinue Reading

KEY WEST (USA)- One of the most remarkable sharks is making the rounds on internet: the goblin shark. Caught in the nets of commercial fisherman Carl Moore, just south of Key West (Florida), who had no idea what that thing was in his nets. It is named by many asContinue Reading

  SANIBEL ISLAND (USA)- A group of divers ran into an unexpected meet with a great white shark while diving in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, about 80 miles of the coast of Sanibel Island, Florida.    It is known that great whites venture into the warm watersContinue Reading

GASPARILLA (USA)- Catch-and-release shark fishing. Mmh how do we feel about that? This fisherman goes a little further than most and helps a 300-pound bull shark he caught off the coast of Florida to swim off again.     Tweet

BAYOU VISTA (USA)- A fisherman in the Texas Gulf was dragged out to sea 4 miles by a seven-foot black tip shark he had on his line. The shark weighed about 200 pounds. The guy was picked up in the middle of the ocean by the coast patrol. Without theContinue Reading

EAST LANSING (USA) – Scientists at Michigan State University have confirmed the discovery of the world’s first-ever two-headed bull shark. It has two heads, two hearts and two stomachs, and is joined at the back to form a single tail. The shark was found in the uterus of an adult bull sharkContinue Reading

DAUPHIN ISLAND (USA)- Not just marine animals but also woodpeckers, swallows, tanagers, meadowlarks and other land birds are found in the stomachs of tiger sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Could Gulf of Mexico oil platforms be turning migratory birds into shark snacks? That’s what a nonprofit bird conservation group is suggesting. AContinue Reading