We’re starting a new series of interviews in honor of people and organisations that help protect sharks. From research to raising awareness, from lobbying to actions and campaigns. Meet the Shark Heroes. In this first edition we talk with Alex Wright, founder and director of Shark Aid International. “We need to makeContinue Reading

EL PORTO BEACH (USA)- This surfer goes out into the water with a GoPro camera instead of running out the water when a great white shark was spotted off El Porto Beach, Los Angeles, California. See the video report of KCAL 9 below: Tweet

PIEDRAS BLANCAS (USA)- Friends of the Elephant Seal have recently teamed up with researchers from Hopkins Marine Station to deploy a buoy off Piedras Blancas. According to The Cambrian is tracks tagged white sharks near the elephant seal rookery about 12 miles north of Cambria. The buoy, deployed on Saturday,Continue Reading

MANHATTAN BEACH (USA)-‘Gnarly!’. A Southern California man meets two juvenile great whites on his paddleboard off the coast of Manhattan Beach. A 9-foot great white shark came right up to his board. He had already spotted one of the juvenile sharks as he plied the waters off Manhattan beach. WhenContinue Reading

SANTA BARBARA (USA)- Two brothers and diving buddies Peter and Trevor Fulks were returning from a dive trip to the Channel Islands with the Ocean Defenders Alliance when they spotted the carcass of a dead minke whalein the Santa Barbara Channel at 3 p.m., about seven miles from shore. A great snack for great whites.Continue Reading

PACIFIC GROVE (USA)- Researchers at the Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove said they have discovered that great white sharks store oil in their liver and then deplete it as they travel monumental distances. Where the sharks go is pretty well documented thanks to all the tagging programs. But howContinue Reading