SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (USA)- Maybe the most bizarre shark news of the year. On a golf course in the Californian town of San Juan Capistrano, a live leopard shark was discovered thrashing about on the grass. The  golf club is about four miles away from the coast. The leopard sharkContinue Reading

Shark Stewards has filed a petition with the Federal Government to protect the North East Pacific population of great white sharks under the Endangered Species Act. Take action now to support our petition. Concurrently, Shark Stewards are appealing to protect these sharks under the California Endangered Species Act.  More information and theContinue Reading

SACRAMENTO (USA)- Conservation groups Oceana, Center for Biological Diversity, and Shark Stewards filed a petition to the California Fish and Game Commission this week seeking to protect the US West Coast population of great white sharks, throughout their California range, under the state’s Endangered Species Act. The legal filing comesContinue Reading

HONOLULU (USA)- In february a basking shark, tagged off the coast of San Diego, California, checked in after eight months of silence near Hawaii. Scientists are excited about the proven direct connection between basking sharks in the eastern Pacific and the central Pacific. The fish, tagged near San Diego, was oneContinue Reading

MONTEREY (USA)- Surfer and shark attack victim Eric Tarantino of Monterey, California describes what it’s like being attacked by a great white. ‘I was lucky to get immediately into shock’. Tarantino will be back on the waves before the new year. Tarantino survived after a great white attacked him off theContinue Reading

SAN DIEGO (USA)- Before dawn last week, the crew of the fishing boat Outer Banks set four miles of long-lines off San Diego Harbor, angling for a good catch of young thresher sharks in hopes of preserving the fishery. Through an annual study, scientists from the National Marine Fisheries ServiceContinue Reading

SAN DIEGO (USA)- There’s been a lot of shark sighting at the beaches close to the Southern Californian city of San Diego. Lifeguards and fire officials last week closed portions of Mission Beach twice after they believed they saw a shark. On Wednesday, lifeguards closed the Children’s Pool in La JollaContinue Reading