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Shark alertness in New South Wales

BALLINA (AUSTRALIA)- Lifeguards have renewed their plea not to swim at Ballina beaches following Monday’s fatal shark attack. A 41-year old surfer from Japan got killed last monday in a shark attack near Ballina on the New South Wales north coast. The state is living its ‘summer of sharks’ with earlier incidents at Newcastle and an earlier attack last sunday 20 […]

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Summer of sharks in New South Wales?

NEWCASTLE (AUSTRALIA)- The coastline of Australia’s New South Wales is living its ‘summer of sharks’ with the beaches of Newcastle being closed for the seventh day in a row after sharks continue to be close to the shore. A big great white shark of at least 5 meters keeps patrolling the beaches of Newcastle. A 22-year-old local surfer told The Newcastle Herald […]

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Attacked by a wobbegong?

MOLLYMOOK (AUSTRALIA)- A 17-year-old boy was attacked by a shark while spearfishing off Bannisters Point at Mollymook in southeast Australia. The culprit was unsuspected: a wobbegong shark. The shark was lying on the ocean floor. Locals believe it was most likely a wobbegong, a name given to 12 species of bottom-dwelling carpet sharks in the family Orectolobidae, that are not usually […]

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Tourist attacked by shark

ABACO ISLAND (BAHAMAS)- A 34-year-old American tourist from Texas was attacked by a shark while swimming  off Tahiti Beach on Abaco Island in the Bahamas. The woman was swimming together with her husband while on their annual holiday, and were in no more than 8 feet of water when she suddenly said she was bitten by a shark. “She was […]

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Fatal attack at Great Barrier Reef

PORT DOUGLAS (AUSTRALIA)- A 18-year old man was killed by a shark while spearfishing on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Local media say the man was mauled to death while fishing with friends off Rudder Reef, near the eastern Australian tourist town of Port Douglas. The young man from the nearby town of Mossman died of severe blood loss after sustaining serious injuries to […]

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Small shark goes after surfer

INDIAN HARBOUR (USA)- A 44-year old man was bitten by a a two-feet long shark while paddling offshore of Indian Harbour Beach. The man suffered a bite to his left hand and was seen bleeding as he made it back to shore. Brevard County Fire Rescue paramedics and Ocean Rescue lifeguards helped the man with the injury before he was […]

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