TOWNSVILLE (AUSTRALIA)- In august the first ever global survey of sharks, rays and skates in coral reef environments using underwater cameras will kick off. In the research technology called baited remote underwater video (Bruv) is used to take one hour of underwater footage, capturing marine life. Bruvs, which are non-harmful, consist ofContinue Reading

SARASOTA (USA)- She was one of the first women in a macho world of diving with sharks. Nonetheless she became a world authority on sharks and fish. Dr. Eugenie Clark, aka the “Shark Lady” and the founder of the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, has died, according to Mote Marine. SheContinue Reading

SARASOTA (USA)- Can sharks’ immune systems block human cancer cells? Some researchers at a Florida marine laboratory think so. Dr. Carl Luer is one of America’s foremost leaders in this subject. He and his team of researchers at mote marine laboratory say sharks could potentially save millions of lives. The fishContinue Reading

ABERDEEN (SCOTLAND)- A research team from the University of Aberdeen has received 1,5 million British Pounds of funds for their work on developing anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drugs from research based on the immune systems of sharks . Scottish Enterprise and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council awarded the money.Continue Reading

PERTH (AUSTRALIA)- New research of the University of Western Australia’s School of Animal Biology and The Oceans Institute suggests that sharks are definitely color blind. The study, published in the latest Royal Society Biology Letters, is the first to investigate the genetic basis and spectral tuning of the shark visualContinue Reading

TAIPEI (TAIWAN) –For one year long The Society of Wilderness tested sharks in the waters around Taiwan. Conclusion: nearly 60 percent of the sharks in the waters around the island are listed as threatened species by the international community. The group therefore calls for intensified efforts to conserve sharks andContinue Reading