OAK ISLAND (USA)- Yesterday two teenagers were attacked by sharks in the waters off Oak Island, North Carolina. First a 12-year old girl was attacked in the late afternoon and was severely injured. She was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where her left arm was amputated below theContinue Reading

RAJA AMPAT (INDONESIA)- 13 Philippine fisherman were caught illegaly fishing for sharks and turtles in the Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia. All of them were sentenced to 8 months in jail while the boat and all its equipment was confiscated and destroyed. It is not uncommon for illegal fishermen toContinue Reading

ADELAIDE (AUSTRALIA)- In South Australia more than four shark sightings in the past seven days keep beach-goers out of the water. It seems like more sharks are swimming close to land. Experts say that the number of sharks spotted at South Australian beaches is low and on par with previousContinue Reading

HAWKS NEST (AUSTRALIA)-Swimmers at the beach at Hawks Nest were rushed out of the water when not one, but three great white sharks were spotted not far from board riders and swimmers. ‘Pretty close’ The alarm was raised by crew aboard the Westpac Rescue Helicopter who spotted the three-metre sharks about 11.20am inContinue Reading

PAPAMOA BEACH (NEW ZEALAND)- A section of popular Papamoa Beach was cleared yesterday when a two metre shark swam within metres of a group of people fishing on the shoreline. Police and lifeguards were alerted to the sighting and about twenty people line-fishing at the spot were urged to stayContinue Reading