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US: Porbeagle may be endangered species

Porbeagle shark

PORTLAND (USA)- US federal regulators are reviewing the status of the porbeagle shark to determine if listing the species under the Endangered Species Act is warranted. The regulators say the porbeagle sharks are threatened by the shark fin trade and bycatch from other fisheries. They are popular as meat and with game fishermen. At the moment porbeagles have the status vulnerable, as […]

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6 Best Read SharkNewz Stories of 2014

Blue sharks outside a cage. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Kalanz.

2014 is over! But it turned out to be an exceptional year with more shark species receiving international protection and more water reserves to protect sharks and other marine species. Unfortunately of the west coast of Australia sharks are still under menace of the so-called shark cull. To look back at the past year here are the 6 Best Read […]

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Porbeagle shark still at risk

HALIFAX (CANADA)- The future for porbeagle sharks is still not looking too bright. A decade after being declared an endangered species only a quart remains of the population that was around in the ‘60’s. The porbeagle shark remains at risk, says a group of Canadian scientists. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) re-examined the porbeagle’s […]

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Biggest shark catchers identified

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM)- Indonesia and India account for more than a fifth of global shark catches, according to the wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, which published a report Into The Deep today.  EU The two countries were named as the world’s biggest catchers of sharks in an EU-backed probe into implementing a new pact to protect seven threatened species of sharks and […]

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Porbeagles eat eels in research project

HALIFAX (CANADA)- One endangered species endangers another species. In the cold Gulf of St. Lawrence researchers saw the eels they were tracking and studying disappear before they were able to see where they would go to spawn. Turns out that porbeagle sharks ate the unfortunate research objects. The researchers, as part of the Ocean Tracking Network’s investigation to uncover the […]

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Historic day for sharks

BANGKOK (THAILAND)- After reporting yesterday here on Sharknewz.com that the Ocean Whitetip will  be more protected, two more speciess of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok. The Porbeagle and three varieties of Hammerhead sharks. Shark conservationists worldwide hailed the move as historic and said the vote represented a major breakthrough for […]

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Petition for Porbeagle Protection

OTTAWA (CANADA)- Friends of Hector have started a petition to urge Canada into protecting the endangered porbeagle sharks. It is the only country on the Atlantic ocean directly targeting this shark and is allowing thousands to be caught as ‘bycatch’ in fisheries for other fish. Over 17.000 people signed already. Porbeagle Porbeagle sharks are one of the most endangered sharks […]

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