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Shortfin mako shark threatened by overfishing

FORT LAUDERDALE (USA)- The ocean’s fastest shark is being threatened by overfishing. A new study using satellite tracking by researchers from Nova Southeastern University’s Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI), the University of Rhode Island and other colleagues shows that the fishing mortality rate of the shortfin mako in the western North Atlantic is considerably higher than previously estimated from catches reported by […]

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Great whites in Cornwall

FALMOUTH (UK)- Bite marks on smaller blue sharks and the attack on a caught shark by an even bigger shark. Fishermen believe great whites and mako sharks have arrived on the shores of Cornwall, attracted by the warm waters. The fisherman say bite marks found on much smaller blue sharks bear all the hallmarks of attacks by the great white […]

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Divers shocked by dead mako

ADELAIDE (AUSTRALIA)- Divers in the HMAS Adelaide marine reserve, about 60 miles north of Sydney were shocked by the sight of a two metre long mako shark, hanging dead and mutilated upside down in the water hanging by the tail. Who did this barbaric thing is not yet known. The shark was discovered by a local builder and marine photographer, Robbert Westerdyk, […]

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Busy months for mako shark

AUCKLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- The New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) is impressed by the distance a mako shark which they have been tracking for a while. They named her Carol. The last few months have been busy for the mako shark. After spending spring in Fiji, October near the Coromandel Peninsula and November off the East […]

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French Polynesia protects sharks

PAPEETE (FRENCH POLYNESIA)-Good news for sharks in the South Pacific. Not only has the government of French Polynesia included the mako, the last shark that was not protected in its waters, on the list of fish banned from capture or trade in its vast territorial zone in the South Pacific. It also will create the world’s biggest shark sanctuary. The […]

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