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Shark cage diving vs. paua diving

STEWART ISLAND (NEW ZEALAND)- ‘Stewart Island will become just like Amity Island, the fictive island in the movie Jaws, if the shark cage diving practices are not stopped soon.’ It’s a statement of the Kiwi political party New Zealand First. The diving tourism around the island is attracting more sharks to the waters and paua (abalone) divers are feeling more and more like shark bait. […]

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Catch-and-kill order for shark

ESPERANCE (AUSTRALIA)-  Australian authorities have released a catch-and-kill order for the sharkt hat attacked and seriously injured an abalone diver off the coast of Esperance earlier today. The man was treated at the hospital for bite wounds, mainly to his torso, and was stabilised. He also has minor injuries to his face. Great white There have been unconfirmed reports from […]

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VIDEO: Great white tagged

JACKSONVILLE (USA)- The first great white in the waters off the southern state of Florida was caught and tagged by Ocearch researchers. She weighs 2,000lbs, is 14ft 6in long and her Florida guardians have called her Lydia. The great white shark with the unassuming name was hauled on deck for 15 minutes so she could be fitted with electronic tags. Lydia is […]

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Shark attacks surfer in California

EUREKA (USA)- A 25-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries past tuesday when he was attacked by a great white shark while surfing in Eureka, California. Other surfers helped the man out of the water and rushed him to the hospital before local beach patrol could respond. According to witnesses the man was bleeding badly from abdominal injuries. An emergency medical technician […]

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Great whites endangered

SACRAMENTO (USA)- Conservation groups Oceana, Center for Biological Diversity, and Shark Stewards filed a petition to the California Fish and Game Commission this week seeking to protect the US West Coast population of great white sharks, throughout their California range, under the state’s Endangered Species Act. The legal filing comes on the heels of a similar petition submitted to the […]

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