PORTLAND (USA)- US federal regulators are reviewing the status of the porbeagle shark to determine if listing the species under the Endangered Species Act is warranted. The regulators say the porbeagle sharks are threatened by the shark fin trade and bycatch from other fisheries. They are popular as meat and with gameContinue Reading

LAKES ENTRANCE (AUSTRALIA)- It is not a shark which is often seen: the prehistoric looking frilled shark. Fishermen off southeastern Victoria, Australia caught one on their trawler near Lakes Entrance in the state’s Gippsland region. The frilled shark is hardly ever seen, regarded as a living fossil and has anContinue Reading

PORT AUGUSTA (AUSTRALIA)- A group of fishermen is being investigated after being caught on camera baiting a great white. It’s also claimed they were harassing the shark. The group of men is seen in this video cheering and laughing while baiting the shark. Great white sharks are a protected species andContinue Reading

DOMPU (INDONESIA)- The first even great white shark has been recorded in Indonesian waters. A six metre adult male of the white shark Carcharodon carcharias was caught by demersal longliners operating off Dompu. The specimen was landed and sold at Tanjung Luar landing site in eastern Lombok. This is the first confirmedContinue Reading

EL PORT DE LA SELVA (SPAIN)- It was about 20 years ago that Catalan fishermen caught a big thresher shark off the Costa Brava. Yesterday fishermen of the tiny town of  Port de la Selva brought home 4,5 meter big thresher shark, a protected species that is normally found inContinue Reading

KEY WEST (USA)- One of the most remarkable sharks is making the rounds on internet: the goblin shark. Caught in the nets of commercial fisherman Carl Moore, just south of Key West (Florida), who had no idea what that thing was in his nets. It is named by many asContinue Reading