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Underwater shark research with GoPro cameras

TOWNSVILLE (AUSTRALIA)- In august the first ever global survey of sharks, rays and skates in coral reef environments using underwater cameras will kick off. In the research technology called baited remote underwater video (Bruv) is used to take one hour of underwater footage, capturing marine life. Bruvs, which are non-harmful, consist of shark bait with one or two GoPro cameras. They will […]

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Great white bumps fisherman out of boat

BYRON BAY (AUSTRALIA)- Imagine reeling in what looks to be a great catch and then suddenly get bumped overboard by a great white shark. It happened to a sports fisherman who was fishing tuna near Julian Rocks in Australia’s Byron Bay. ‘This huge shark about 4.5m came launching into the side of the boat and knocked him off his feet into […]

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Bondi Beach closed after fishermen chum the surf

BONDI BEACH (AUSTRALIA)- World famous Sydney’s Bondi Beach was closed yesterday after a fishing boat dumped an indeterminate amount of bycatch, or chum, into the surf near the populated area. With this chum came a shark. The incident took place shortly before midday, as beachgoers noted the vessel rounding Ben Buckler point into Bondi bay, followed by a large number […]

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Goblin shark found in Australia

SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA)- It is one of the rarest, and possible strangest sharks around: the Goblin shark. The Australian museum in Sydney has dissected one and put it on video. The goblin shark, known as  “alien of the deep” was found off Green Cape, Australia and delivered to the museum which Tuesday showed off its fleshy snout, nail-like teeth and flabby pink body. […]

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Shark alertness in New South Wales

BALLINA (AUSTRALIA)- Lifeguards have renewed their plea not to swim at Ballina beaches following Monday’s fatal shark attack. A 41-year old surfer from Japan got killed last monday in a shark attack near Ballina on the New South Wales north coast. The state is living its ‘summer of sharks’ with earlier incidents at Newcastle and an earlier attack last sunday 20 […]

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Will Australia stop protecting hammerheads and threshers?

CANBERRA (AUSTRALIA)- The Australian government is, according to The Guardian, submitting a “reservation” against three species of thresher shark and two species of hammerhead shark listed as protected migratory species under the UN-administered convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals. The five types of shark were among 31 species granted new protection status at a convention summit […]

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